The DiaTipo São Paulo 2014 was a typography meeting which brought together hundreds of people in lectures, debates and workshops. It was adopted the theme Typographic (Hi)Stories and had important guests who told their personal and professional experiences. The identity of the event was inspired by the typography timeline itself. The typeface Van Lanen, created by Matthew Carter, was used as the main element in the construction of the event's communication.

DiaTipo SP 2014
PR: Diego Maldonado
Graphic design & art direction: Érico Lebedenco
Logistics & agreements: Luiz Amorim
Social Media: Milena Melguiso
Streaming & video: Rafael Nepô
Host: Marina Chaccur

Letterpress poster (Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo).

Matthew Carter.
Matthew Carter.
Stephen Coles.
Gustavo Ferreira.
Tony de Marco.
Alexandre Wollner.
Rodolfo Capeto.
Marcos Mello, Darci Callegari, George Dimitrov e Pérsio Guimarães.
Cecília Consolo, Priscila Farias e Fernanda Martins.
Fernando Díaz.
Diego Maldonado, Rodrigo Saiani, Crystian Cruz, Daniel Sabino e Henrique Beier.
Ramiro Espinoza.
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